The company is a Romanian legal entity, having the form of organization in a joint stock company and carries on its activity in accordance with the present constitutive act, the Law no. 31/1990 on commercial companies, republished, with the subsequent amendments and completions, and the Romanian legislation in force.

In 1956 a budgetary unit was established under the direction of the Military Navy Industrial Division, headquartered on the northern shore of Lake Mangalia.

In 1963, based on H.C.M. 767 / 27.09.1963 this unit changes its name in Naval Shipyard Mangalia, a unit with its own economic management subordinated to the Industrial Department of the Ministry of Armed Forces.

Until 2001 Mangalia Shipyard was a subsidiary of S.C. "Arsenal" S.A., of the National Company "Romarm" S.A., without legal personality, but with limited economic and financial autonomy, established by the Government Decision no. 979/2000.

Based on H.G. 952 / 27.10.2001 S.C. Naval Shipyard Mangalia S.A., headquartered in Street Entrance No. 1, a Romanian legal person under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Resources.

At the end of 2002, based on GD 1348/2002, S.C. Naval Shipyard Mangalia S.A yields 13 ha of land and assets worth 3,124,484 thousand lei to the Municipal Council of Mangalia for the establishment of an Industrial Park.

The Company does not have subsidiaries, representations, agencies, units and work points with or without legal personality.

Santierul Naval Mangalia Constitutive Act Download .