Production profile

          Mangalia Shipyard profile is manufacture of small and medium size civilian and military vessels. After 1990, in the absence of orders from the national defence system, was passed to civilian shipbuilding. Here were built river and maritime vessels for different owners. Until 2007 we carried out works in order to ensure compatibility with NATO communications system at Marasesti frigate, marine dredgers and missile carrier boats.

Mangalia Shipyard

          Has the ability to produce ships and boats for owners in the country and abroad.
          Is the main producer in Romania of military ships, with a long experience in the field and having as traditional client the Romanian Ministry of Defence.

        Endowments of the shipyard:

  • a building berth that can hold up and launch vessels with lengths up to 73 m, width 14 m, 4 m draught, displacement 600 tons;

  • buildings designed for production;

  • buildings for administrative purposes;

  • various equipment: for mechanical processing through splinting, welding equipment, carpentry and woodworking machinery;

  • lifting equipment: gantry cranes of 16 and 50 tons, 12.5 and 50 tons crane, travelling cranes in each working hall, internal means of transportation;

          The portfolio of works that the company has made comprises:

  • Marasesti Frigate

  • Missile carrier boats

  • Rapid intervention vessels

  • Mine sweepers

  • Deep-diving vessels

  • Corvette 

  • Pontoons 

  • Boats and crafts with special purpose

          In terms of quality, all the works performed by our company have been developed under the imperative of implementing the quality standard SR EN ISO 9001:2008.
          Quality control, environment, health and safety is always one of the main objectives envisaged.
          The company's services are professional, prompt and ad-vantageous from the technical and economical point of view.
          In the shipyard there can be operated works with a high degree of diversity and complexity: steel construction, naval block sections, naval locksmith, discharge sheets on automatic cutting machine with ERGOREX EXA-NCE 390 cutting type plasma, which can discharge 6-30mm thick, 12 000 mm lengths, both naval steel and stainless steel or aluminum; sheet shaping works of 3000 mm length and thickness 0.5-12 mm, shaping angles and bulb profiles, electric welding works, semi-automatic, automatic, welding in shielding gas.
          In the mechanical section and piping system of the shipyard it shall ensure the implementation, installation and commissioning of the mechanical installations on ships, repairing propellers, rudders, axial lines, but all other types of equipment, piping, including pipes shaping up to 80 mm diameter, repair of various machines of the ships.
          It can also perform construction and repair of electrical equipment, means of communication, works of fitting with furniture and equipments, isolation and lining of rooms, interior and exterior paint, gas-free certifications, anti-fouling protection with a minimum guarantee of three years for the bottom, painting and tank cleaning operations.
          The company has the technical capacity to implement integrated communication systems on the military shipboards at NATO standards.

      The products manufactured and repaired in the shipyard can be monitored and certified by most classification societies, Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas, etc.


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