Public Informations


According to art. 5 (2) of Law no. 544/2001, public authorities and institutions have the obligation to publish and update annually an information bulletin that will include information of public interest. We want this newsletter to be a real source of information for all interested persons.

Article 5
(1) Each public authority or institution has the obligation to communicate the following information of public interest ex officio:
a) the normative acts that regulate the organization and functioning of the public authority or institution;
b) the organizational structure, the attributions of the departments, the functioning program, the audience program of the public authority or institution;
c) the first and last names of the persons from the management of the public authority or institution and of the official responsible for disseminating public information;
d) contact details of the public authority or institution, respectively: name, headquarters, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail address and Internet page address;
e) financial sources, budget and balance sheet;
f) own programs and strategies;
g) the list of documents of public interest;
h) the list comprising the categories of documents produced and / or managed, according to the law;
i) the ways to challenge the decision of the authority or of the public institution in the situation in which the person is considered injured regarding the right of access to the information of public interest requested.


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